Note: the order of the papers here is according to the year of the conference in which the paper was presented.

More Efficient Oblivious Transfer Extensions with Security for Malicious Adversaries.

High-Throughput Secure Three-Party Computation for Malicious Adversaries and an Honest Majority.

Optimized Honest-Majority MPC for Malicious Adversaries – Breaking the 1 Billion-Gate Per Second Barrier.

Fast Secure Two-Party ECDSA Signing.

Better Bounds for Block Cipher Modes of Operation via Nonce-Based Key Derivation.

A Framework for Constructing Fast MPC over Arithmetic Circuits with Malicious Adversaries and an Honest-Majority.

Efficient Scalable Constant-Round MPC via Garbled Circuits.

Secure Two-Party Computation with Fairness – A Necessary Design Principle.

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